Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational programs allow children of all ages, regardless of their physical ability, the opportunity to participate in gymnastics. The program runs year-round and is divided into three sessions: Summer; Fall/Winter; and Winter/Spring. This is not a competitive program but we do provide opportunities for the children to perform at our January showcase and again at our year-end recreational competition in June.

Our coaches are all trained through the National Coach Certification Program and we follow the nationally recongized CanGym program for children ages 6+. This program has twelve levels, each one building on the previous. As children master a level, they will move onto the next. Each child will advance at his/her own pace. Class are organized by age and skill level.

This program provides an opportunity for children to improve their level of physical fitness and build self-confidence while making new friends, having fun and developing their gymnastic skills.

Class Descriptions

Parent & Tot: Ages 2-3

For many children, this class will be their first introduction to a structured learning environment. The focus of the class is on developing balance, strength and coordination. A parent or guardian must participate with his/her child.

MiniGym: Age 3

This fun, high-energy class uses games and circuits to help children develop balance, strength and coordination. Children must be able to participate independently. MiniGym 2 builds on MiniGym 1.

KinderGym: Ages 4-5

Children in this class will work at their own pace. Once they have the necessary strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination children will work on tumbling, and other foundation skills including handstands and cartwheels. KinderGym 2 children will continue to build on learning from KinderGym 1. When ready, children will tackle more advanced skills.

CanGym: Ages 6+

Children learn skill progressions and technique on vault, uneven bars, beam and floor. Circuits, stations and games will be used to develop swings, springs, landings, locomotions, stationary positions and rotations. Each child will advance at his/her own pace to achieve their personal best while building self-esteem, confidence and friendships.

Additional information regarding these classes and prerequisites is available in our on-line registration area.

What to Wear

  • Gymnastics leotard or shorts & t-shirt
  • Barefeet
  • Hair clipped off face and in a ponytail or bun

Summer Class Schedule

During the summer we off an 8-week session beginning on Tuesday, July 2, 2019 and running through to August 23, 2019. We do not do skill testing or issue report cards during this session.

We recommend that children register in the age-appropriate group at the same level as their last gymnastics session. Coaches will work with participants to continue building skills at and above the registered level.

  • Participants must have a 2019/2020 Gymnastics Ontario membership. The cost is $35
  • All fees are due at time of registration. We accept Visa and Mastercard on-line. If you register in-person we accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Cash.
  • We do not offer trial classes or make-up classes.

2019 Summer Scheule

Our summer is provided here. Registration for summer classes will not open until April 1, 2019.