Competitive Gymnastics

Ready to take your training to the next level? The SGE competitive gymnastics program is designed for passionate, dedicated, and determined girls who are ready to engage in intensive athletic training. Qualified gymnasts may be offered the opportunity to compete at the provincial level or beyond. 

About Our Competitive Program

Our year-round WAG program offers a blend of discipline, physical/mental development, lifelong friendships, and a lot of fun! We encourage and support every gymnast to train to their highest potential and achieve their personal best. 

At SGE, our competitive program caters to various levels of skill and commitment, with opportunities to compete in the Gymnastics Ontario ODP, Xcel, Compulsory, and Optional programs. 

Entry Requirements:

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Competitive Programs

Ontario Development Program (ODP)

The Ontario Development Program (ODP) at Scarborough Gym Elites is designed for specifically qualified girls aged 4-8 and follows the Sport Canada Long Term Athlete Development principles. This program provides a structured, fun, and supportive environment to nurture young gymnasts' physical and mental growth.

Participants in the ODP program will train for 6+ hours per week and compete in 2-3 competitions per season, offering an excellent introduction to competitive gymnastics.

Program Goals: 

Program Highlights:

Xcel Program

The Xcel program offers a flexible and rewarding competitive gymnastics experience for girls of various ages and skill levels. This program is designed to provide gymnasts with the opportunity to compete without the rigid structure or schedule of the Canadian Competitive Program. Xcel is a great opportunity for our ODP or Intermediate/Advanced Recreational program athletes to transition into the competitive environment. 

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Program Goals: 

Canadian Competitive Program (CCP)

The Canadian Competitive Program is an intensive program designed for girls who demonstrate both potential and interest in pursuing high-level gymnastics. Athletes in this program will compete on all 4 apparatuses: Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam, and Floor. This intensive training program demands commitment, strength, flexibility, and precision from all participating gymnasts. 

Compulsory & Optional Levels:

The program includes ten levels: Levels 1-5 are compulsory, and Levels 6-10 are optional. Our club will refer to gymnasts as being in either "compulsory" or "optional" categories rather than using the term CCP. Participation requires a significant commitment from both the athlete and her family

Program Highlights: 

Program Goals:

Program Comparisons

Canadian Competitive Program

Xcel Program

Compulsory (Levels 1-5)

Optional (Levels 6-10)