Acro Performance Team

Acro Performance Team (Ages 6+)

The SGE Acro Performance Team is for athletes ages 6 and up who want to engage in the sport of gymnastics in a non-traditional and creative way. The team combines elements of dance, acrobatics, tumbling, and stunting in a dynamic group routine that will be performed at multiple events. Athletes will be divided by age into two groups: Junior Team and Senior Team. We welcome all different types and levels of athletes to try out, from retired gymnasts to beginner athletes with a passion for teamwork and performance. 


Program Highlights

What is Gymnaestrada?

The Ontario Gymnaestrada is a large, non-competitive gymnastics event that celebrates the joy of movement and the diversity of gymnastics disciplines. Organized by Gymnastics Ontario, this annual event brings together participants of all ages and skill levels from various gymnastics clubs across the province. Gymnaestrada focuses on group performances that highlight creativity, teamwork, and the artistic side of gymnastics rather than individual scores or rankings.