Safety Rules

  • Please take some time to remind your child to listen to their coaches and follow all safety rules.

  • Children are NOT permitted on the gymnastic apparatus unless supervised by one of our coaches.

  • Children disrupting or disturbing class will be restricted from participation.

  • Parents are not permitted in the gym unless invited by the supervising coach.

  • Parents are welcome to quietly watch their child(ren) from the designated viewing areas.

  • Children must ask permission of their coach to leave their group for any reason.

  • Outdoor footwear must be removed at the entrance and placed in designated areas.

  • No food, drink (except water) is permitted in the Gym.

  • To protect every child/family's privacy, no one is permitted to take photos/videos of children during class.

  • Parents are not required to stay on site during their child's class, provided we have up to date emergency contact information and the child is independent in the washroom.

  • Children are requested to wear a gymnastics leotard or shorts and t-shirt. No jeans, zippers, belts, ballet skirts or loose-fitting clothing is permitted. Long hair must be tied-back and no jewellery is allowed except small stud earrings. Children are barefoot in the gym.

  • Please do not bring any valuables to the gym. SGE will not be responsible for any lost/stolen items.

  • If your child has an open sore or warts on their hands or feet, please ensure that it is covered and taped before your child comes to class. Athletic tape is available for purchase by the roll in the office.

  • Please refer to our Program pages, our COVID-19 page and your Member Handbook (competitive only) for more information regarding health and safety in the gym.

PARKING: The parking lot in front of the gym gym is closed to visitors to support our new drop-off and pick-up protocols. There is plenty of parking on the west side of the gym. Please note you can also park on Coronation Drive.

PEANUT & TREE NUT FREE FACILITY: We have many children in our programs with severe allergies. Please note that our facility is peanut and tree nut free. Please do not bring any food items that may contain peanuts or tree nuts into the gym.