Gym Safety 

Class Expectations

Our goal is to provide every child a fun, safe, and productive experience from our programs. To ensure this, we have created a set of expectations that everyone must follow in the gym. Please take a moment to review these expectations with your child before their scheduled class.

General Gym Expectations

As a non-profit organization with a Community Building Fund, we place great importance on the condition of our facility. We ask participants and their families to respect our space by following our gym rules. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe and comfortable environment for everyone.

PARKING: Visitors are welcome to park in the front or side parking lots outside our facility 

PEANUT & TREE NUT FREE FACILITY: We have many children in our programs with severe allergies. Please note that our facility is peanut and tree nut free. Please do not bring any food items that may contain peanuts or tree nuts into the gym.