Competitive Gymnastics

Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

SGE’s year-round competitive WAG program offers our gymnasts discipline, the opportunity to develop physical and mental stamina, lifelong friendships and a whole lot of fun! Gymnasts in our competitive program will be encouraged and supported to achieve the highest level of gymnastics possible, based on their individual abilities.

Testing is required for entry into our competitive program and we hold an open testing session in late April or early May of each year. Outside of this time, we will only test gymnasts with a competitive background. For more information on our competitive testing, please email .

Within our competitive program, our training groups are organized into three different categories. We have Developmental groups; Compulsory groups and Provincial groups. Across these three categories we presently have 60+ athletes.


  • Girls aged 4+
  • Focus on building strength, flexibility, endurance and strong technique
  • May take part in skills (ODP) competitions and/or invitational competitions
  • Train 6-12 hours per week


  • Girls aged 7+
  • Will attend qualifying and/or invitational competitions
  • Qualifying gymnasts compete at the Ontario Championships
  • Train 8-16 hours per week


  • Girls aged 9+
  • Will attend qualifying and invitational competitions
  • Qualifying gymnasts will compete at the Ontario Championships
  • Train 16-24 hours per week, including at least one afternoon each week