COVID Style Summer Camp!

The health and safety of your children and our team is our number one priority. With this goal in mind, our modified camp will keep your child active while staying safe.

Campers will be required to follow strict social distancing rules and new health and safety protocols. Nevertheless, our coaches will ensure that your camper has a fun-filled week.

Due to our need to maintain social distancing, we will not be spotting and as such we will not be teaching new gymnastics skills that require hands-on support of a coach. Rather, our Campers will work to improve existing skills and build their strength, endurance and flexibility.

We welcome children ages 4-12 to join the fun! Our camp participants will be placed in cohorts of not more than 10 people, including coaches. Each cohort will stay together for the full week and will not mix with other cohorts.

SGE cammpers will make new friends, stay active, build self-esteem, and make memories to last a lifetime!

Visit our online registration area for camp dates and availability.

Our 2020 Summer Day Camp has been modified as a result of COVID-19. Detailed information about changes to our program and protocols is available in our Reopening Plan posted on the COVID-19 page of our website.

There won't be any forts this summer but we have lots of safe activities planned.

When does registration open?

Register opens at 8:00am on June 30, 2020 for families who were register in the 2020 Winter/Spring session or the 2020 March Break Camp which were cancelled due to COVID-19.

What time is camp?

Camp is a full day and runs from 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. This year we are not offering half day or single day camp.

How much does camp cost?

Camp is $250 per child per week. As we are a non-profit organization there is no tax.

How do I register?

You can register online or by telephone. We do not have regular office hours right now as most staff are working from home, so if you want to register by phone, please leave a message and someone will call you back.

Do I need to purchase a new Gymnastics Ontario membership?

If you have a 2019-2020 membership, it has been extended and is still valid for this year's summer camp. If you do not have a 2019-2020 membership you will need to purchase a 2020-2021 membership when you register.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, we are still offering our sibling discount. It will be applied at checkout when you register siblings at the same time.