Scarborough Development Program

This is a girls only program with greater intensity and focus on correct gymnastics technique. Girls must be at least 4 years old and have successfully completed one year of MiniGym or KinderGym prior to registering in this class.

In this program girls will build the strength, endurance, flexibility, and technique needed for quality gymnastics. Each girl will work at her own pace through 12 progressive levels. This approach will suit the gymnast who is self-motivated and who has a strong desire to do quality gymnastics.

Our coaches will expect a higher quality of execution on fundamental skills and basics which is essential to perform more advanced gymnastics.

The program offers two different classes.

Novice I is a 1.5 hour class, once or twice per week, for girls aged 4-6

Novice II is a 2.0 hours class, once or twice per week, for girls aged 6-9

Girls who are interested in trying out for our competitive gymnastics team in the future are encouraged to register in this program and to sign up for two classes per week.

Dress Code: In the novice classes, girls are required to wear a gymnastics leotard. Gymnastics shorts over the leotard are optional.