Women's Artistic Gymnastics

The SGE competitive gymnastics program is for girls who are prepared to demonstrate their desire, dedication and determination as they strive to compete provincially and beyond.

SGE’s year-round Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) program offers our gymnasts discipline, the opportunity to develop physical and mental stamina, lifelong friendships and a whole lot of fun! Gymnasts in our competitive program will be encouraged and supported to achieve the highest level of gymnastics possible, based on their individual abilities.

At SGE, our competitive programs supports various levels of ability and commitment with athletes competing in the Gymnastics Ontario ODP, Xcel, Compulsory and Optional programs.

Testing is required for entry into our competitive program and we hold an open testing session in the spring each year and if space permits in our program, again in the fall. Outside of these times, we will only test gymnasts with a competitive background. For more information on our competitive testing, please email general@ScarboroughGymElites.ca .

Competitive Categories

Ontario Development Program (ODP)

The ODP was created with the Sport Canada Long Term Athlete Development principles in mind. It is for girls aged 4-8. Program participants will take part is 2-3 competitions per season and will train 6+ hours per week.

The goals of this program are:

  • To improve the level of physical preparation in our gymnasts.

  • To improve the level and quality of gymnastics being performed in this age group.

  • To assist in developing a more “rounded” athlete using all areas of basic movement to increase basic skills.

  • To provide a positive introduction to competition.

Xcel Program

The Xcel program allows gymnasts ages 9+ of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding competitive gymnastics experience.

  • Girls may enter this program from our recreational program or the ODP program.

  • Girls will train 6-12 hours per week.

  • Girls will attend 3 competitions per season.

Canadian Competitive Program (CCP) - Compulsory & Optional Levels

This is a demanding program for gymnasts age 9+ who show both potential and interest in pursing the highest level of gymnastics. It includes 10 levels, levels 1-5 are compulsory and levels 6-10 are optional. Within the Club we will refer to girls as being in "compulsory" or "optional" rather than CCP. Significant commitment from both the athlete and her family is required.

  • Girls will generally enter this program from our ODP or Xcel Program. Transfers from other clubs are also welcome.

  • Girls will train 12+ hours per week, with some training as many as 20+ hours per week.

  • Girls will be required to miss one or two half-days of school per week for daytime training.

  • Girls will attend a minimum of 3 competitions per season but some may attend as many as 8 or 9.

  • Qualifying athletes will attend Ontario Championships, Eastern Canadian Championships and/or National Championships.

International Gymnix 2019 All-Around Winners

Left to Right: Candice -Optional Level 7, Aniyah - Optional Level 6, Maya - Optional Level 8