Health & Safety is #1

All visitors to our facility are required to completed an electronic health screening.

The screening forms are available on our link tree:

Please complete the screening prior to your arrival at the facility to speed the check in process.

All check in is done outdoors. When you arrive to the gym, please line up where indicated, being mindful to social distance.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you require health screening?

Yes. Prior to arrival a parent/guardian must complete the COVID-19 health screening for their child. If the adult wants to enter the facility he/she will also need to complete the health screening. Please have this completed prior to arrival to speed the drop-off process.

The link to the screening is on our Link Tree . There are two links -- one for children, the other for adults.

Do you require proof of vaccine?

All spectators age 12+ are required to provide proof of vaccine. Individuals registered in our programs, up to age 18, are not required to provide proof of vaccine.

What are your masking protocols?

Ministry of Health regulations require that participants be masked indoors except when eating/drinking or when participating in indoor physical activity that is socially distanced. Your child will be advised when they able to remove their mask.

If you prefer that your camper keep their mask on at all times, we are happy to accommodate your preference. Please let us know upon arrival.

Are children cohorted?

Children are not organized into cohorts. Rather our class start and end times are staggered limiting the number of people in common areas.

What is your capacity limit?

We are currently operating at 50% of our maximum capacity. This means we are allowed to have 75 persons (participants, spectators, coaches and staff combined), in our 10,000+ square foot facility, at any one time.

Do participants have to social distance?

Yes participants must stay socially distant as much as possible. We will use visual and verbal cues to help children achieve this goal.

If children are unmasked, then they MUST be socially distanced.

We appreciate your help to reinforce this requirement with your

What is your hand washing protocol?

Children are required to clean their hands upon arrival to the gym and prior to departure. Touchless sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the facility.

Additionally, competitive athletes are are required to clean their hands before and after their snack break.

What equipment is available?

All equipment is available for use. Only our foam pit remains closed.

Do you allow spectators?

Public health requires that all spectators be socially distanced. To ensure we are meeting this requirement, we are limited to 10 spectators in our viewing room. To meet this requirement the following practices are in place:

  • Only one visitor per registered participant (no siblings who are not scheduled at the same time)

  • Priority will be given to parents/caregivers of children in our Little Learners classes (children up to age 5).

  • Blinds will be open and parents are welcome to watch from outside.

What cleaning is done while the children are in the gym?

We continue to be vigilant with our cleaning. Every day we clean equipment and training aids, vacuum carpets, wash floors. We also fog our entire facility using a hospital grade food safe disinfectant daily prior to the arrival of participants. Although all our cleaning supplies are child safe, we do our best to not use any cleaning products around the children.