About Our Recreational Programs 

Our recreational program has a variety of classes suitable for toddlers through young teens ranging in skill level from beginner to advanced. Our recreational program is about having fun while still putting a heavy focus on proper technique and progressions for all gymnastics skills on each apparatus.  

All of our recreational classes are taught by NCCP trained coaches who follow the nationally recognized CanGym program guidelines to teach your child the appropriate skills for their unique developmental level and help them to progress to more advanced skills. Their progress is tracked with evaluation and report cards at the end of each session. CanGym levels officially apply to those 6 years of age and older however at Scarborough Gym Elites we teach younger groups elements of the early CanGym levels to create a strong basis for future advancement. Schedules and pricing can be found by clicking on the Online Account / Register page or the button on the Home page.  

  • Beginner Classes focus on skill levels 1-3
  • Intermediate Classes focus on skill levels 4-6
  • Advanced Classes focus on skill levels 7+

What to Wear/Bring

  • Athletic clothing or a gymnastics leotard (leotards are available for sale at the gym)
  •  No jewelry except small stud earrings, no belts, no zippers, no skirts
  • Children participate in bare feet
  • A water bottle labeled with their name
Summer Session Registration is Now Open!
  • Classes are available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
  • The Session runs for 8 weeks, beginning July 2, 2018
  • There is no skill-testing or report cards in the summer sessions
Parent & Tot (Walking to 3 years)
For many children, this class will be their first introduction to a structured learning environment. The focus of the class is on developing balance, strength and coordination. A parent or guardian must participate with his/her child. 

MiniGym  (3 years) 
This fun, high-energy class uses games and circuits to help children develop balance, strength and coordination. Children must be able to participate independently. 

KinderGym (4 & 5 years)
Children in this class will work at their own pace. Children who have the necessary strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, will begin to work on tumbling and other foundation skills including handstands and cartwheels. 

CanGym (6+ Years)
This program teaches skill progressions and technique on each apparatus: Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam and Floor. Circuits, stations and games will be used to develop swings, springs, landings, locomotions, stationary positions and rotations. Each child will advance at his/her own pace to achieve their personal best while building self-esteem, confidence and friendships.