Alicia Scanlan

Alicia is one of SGE's Artistic Competitive Coaches

Alicia began coaching after her gymnastics career ended at the age of 16 and has been enjoying it ever since.  She started competitive gymnastics at the age of 9 and became a provincial athlete at the age of 13.  Aside from coaching gymnastics both recreationally and competitively, Alicia also has a diploma in Early Childhood Education in aspiration of becoming a teacher in the near future.  She loves working with children and being a positive role model.   Alicia currently coaches competitive Invitational Levels 4-6 as well as a few recreational groups including Parent-and-Tot, Kindergym and Only 3’s. Alicia is excited to be a part of the Scarborough Gym Elites Competitive Artistic program and look forward to many more years working with such a talented group of athletes.